How It's Made

Hamilton Litestat - Sheer Flat Plate, How it's made! Welcome to our Bristol facilities Our outstanding reputation is built on delivering both in terms of the design and the manufacture of our products. We are seamlessly incorporating the needs of interior designers and architects whilst staying at the forefront of our industry with our groundbreaking designs.

Hamilton Elemento IP66

A great range of IP66 weatherproof switches and sockets from Hamilton. The Elemento range can be customised to the needs of any electrical installation. You can choose from the wide range of IP66 sockets, switches and fused connection units. Or use an empty enclosure and add the wiring accessories you need. For example, adding a USB charging socket or grid switch modules.

Perception Range

The first outing for origami Gary as we show you how to create these invisible switch & socket outlets using the Hamilton Perception CFX range. These sockets have a special backplate and clear front plate which allows you to insert a matched piece of wallpaper. A great way to create a stunning finish to a high-end interior and stimulate some switchboard decoration ideas.

Hamilton Overview 2021


Market leaders in premium quality decorative wiring accessories since 1968, Hamilton is a British electrical manufacturer that designs, develops, and manufactures innovative electrical accessories of the highest quality here in the UK at our Bristol factory.

Retractive Toggles

Hamilton Retractive Toggles Matching toggle nut or go SVR for mix and match! Available in over 15 finishes and across all our ranges. Push to make - push to break

NOTE: LED Driver required for Retractive toggles

Garden & Outdoors

Hamilton Litestat All power to the garden! AIR BOX 4 Channel Wireless Switching • IP56 Rated 4 channel switching system • Up to 250 metres range • Can be used outside to control multiple lighting circuits, pond pumps • Each circuits is controlled wirelessly using the supplied key fob and wall-plate ELEMENTO A range of weatherproof wiring accessories. 

EFIXX Hartland G2 Review

The Hartland G2 range of sockets from Hamilton Litestat has a vast range of decorative finish options from antique bronze and brass through to matt white metal and polished chrome. Front plates are screwless and are protected from corrosion, caused by damp plaster, by a fixed gasket. The Hamilton Hartland G2 range is available as 13A sockets, USB outlets, light switches, double pole switches, grid systems and euro modules.

Which type of USB charging socket should you fit for faster charging?

EU regulations are changing - stay ahead of the curve when choosing a USB charger socket. Socket outlets with integral USB chargers are popular within electrical installations. Popularity is set to increase as battery-powered devices no longer include a block plug-in charger. Customers are also demanding faster charging for an increasing array of devices supplied with USB C charging sockets. In this video, we explore 13A USB charging sockets and a Euro Module charging solution which supports Quick Charge and Power Delivery charging.

EFIXX Grid Switches Review

Grid switches are a great solution for large lighting installations or a central switching location in kitchens. The Hamilton Hartland G2 range is available with a huge range of plate finishes and wide range of grid switch modules. Most appliances are names are available engraved in the Grid-it modules - from fridges and wine coolers to fans and washing machines.

Hamilton Player App


• Available on iOS & Android
• Connect to Spotify, Tune-In, Tidal, Deezer & more
• Solo mode • Multi-mode
• Multi-room, multi-source
• Connect up to 8 Hamilton Wi-Fi audio devices.

EFIXX Hamilton air box review

An easy to use 4 channel wireless outdoor lighting control system by Hamilton.

This system can control up to 4kW of garden lights or other loads such as pond pumps.

The IP56 control box can be paired with a key fob style remote control or a battery-powered wall-mounted switch.

The use of wireless lighting controls makes the electrical installation easier. Ideal for landscape lighting projects.

Controlled via a key fob remote or a battery powered wall mounted switch.

Hamilton Air Box - Start Up Guide


• Control up to 4 channels
• Enable remote switching to open automatic gates & garage doors
• Ideal for Garden lighting & water feature pumps
• Suitable for all year round outdoor use
• Compatible with All-Hamilton/Mercury Air Products

Wireless Streaming Amplifier


• Supports Android and iOS
• All in one Solution
• Smart Audio allows playback via wi-fi
• Stream music in one or multiple rooms
• Wirelessly link all our Hamilton Audio products together
• Streaming services: Spotify, Tune-in Radio, Tidal & more
• Playable formats: aac, wav, flac, mp3, wma, vorbis

Hamilton LEDIT-B100

Hamiltons LEDIT-BIOO™ 2-Way jumps straight into the Hamilton range at No: I. Preset to 'Trailing-Edge' but with easy 'Leading-Edge' adjustment, LEDIT-B™ has 2-way cracked - making it perfect for installs such as larger rooms with two entrances/exits or on stairway lighting. With its 'soft start' feature and available in a wide range of stylish plate designs and finishes.

Efixx Wireless Audio Review


• Available on iOS & Android zz=• Connect to Spotify, Tune-In, Tidal, Deezer & more
• Solo mode • Multi-mode
• Multi-room, multi-source
• Connect up to 8 Hamilton Wi-Fi audio devices.