New Ultra-fast USB-A&C and 250W Dimmer plate expands Hamilton Verve white plastic range

The increased demand for white plastic hasn’t gone unnoticed across the industry. Keeping pace with today's demands for increased functionality, the Verve range now features combined USB-A&C charging plates and 250W LED rotary dimmers.

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Increased USB charging options

Charging smart devices has become an everyday-necessity and Verve doesn’t disappoint!

NEW ultra-fast combined USB-A 2.4A & USB-C 3A double switched sockets (4.8A Total) provide a faster and more convenient way to simultaneously charge laptops/tablets and mobile devices.

This complements the existing ultra-fast dual 2.4A USB-A (4.8A Total) double switched socket.

Increased LED dimming

Our NEW 250W LED 2-Way rotary dimmers offer two and a half times the dimming capacity of the standard 100W dimmer in the range.

With its proven LEDIT-B dimming technology, it’s the intelligent choice for controlling mains dimmable LEDs in rooms with two entrances/exits – available in 1 to 4 gang plates.

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Modern curved design and slim profile, at a price we think you’ll love! With its subtly tapered top and bottom plate edges, Verve’s simple design is a classic case of ‘less is more’. A traditional box-fix design with an ultra slim profile, the face plates come with white screw cap covers to give a sleek, screwless appearance.

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Verve at a glance:

  • White screw cap covers give a sleek screwless appearance
  • NEW ultra-fast USB-A (2.4A) & USB-C (3A) chargers
  • NEW 250W LED 2-Way rotary dimmers – 1 to 4 gang
  • 50A double pole 1&2 gang switches with neon
  • 45A double pole neon cooker control switch +13A neon switched Socket
  • Dual 2.4A USB-A (4.8A Total) Double Switched Sockets
  • 100W LED rotary dimmers – 1 to 4 gang
  • Micro-Grid switch options – 1 to 6 gang
  • EuroFix module plates – 1, 2 & 4 gang
  • 20AX switches with printed appliance words & symbols
  • Fit & Forget: *25-year guarantee

Micro-Grid switch plates: Micro-Grid switch options are available in 1 to 6 gang plates and EuroFix module plates are available in 1, 2 & 4 gang. The modules themselves sit snuggly within the moulded recess of the face plate and firmly secured with a top and bottom locating screw. A comprehensive range of 20AX switches with printed appliance words & symbols makes them user-friendly.

Quality is guaranteed! As with all Hamilton products, the Verve range is rigorously quality tested in our Bristol factory. Plate finishes undergo both destructive and non-destructive testing.

They are put through many processes to test their resistance to corrosion, scratching and the like, and come with an impressive *25-year guarantee.

* Excludes Verve Dimmers (1-Year) and Verve USBs (2-Years).

To find out more about Hamilton’s Verve white plastic range, download the 2023 range brochure or visit your local stockist.

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