How Hamilton wiring accessories work in sweet harmony with the Dulux Colour of the year 2024

Hot on the heels of Dulux announcing their chosen Colour of the Year 2024, our designers have handpicked a range of decorative wiring accessory plate finishes to complement this soon-to-be trending tone.

Whether you’re a designer that subscribes to colour trends or one with a more unique approach to your projects, you’ll appreciate that the right choice of decorative wiring accessory can add the final flourish to any interior.

So what’s the story for 2024? Dulux’s Colour of the Year 2024 is called ‘Sweet EmbraceTM – its soft and positive tone is designed to address the complex and busy world in which we now live.

The delicate shade of Sweet EmbraceTM offers a calming feeling of optimism and warmth, underpinned by stability and peace of mind. Like many colours, this versatile hue takes on different characteristics dependent on the overall palette and lighting of the space, but comfort always takes centre-stage.

Needless to say, warmth is a quality that Hamilton can offer in abundance, with a variety of plate finishes in various shades of brass and bronze. Added to this list, popular shades such as Basalt Gray and Matt Black offer a sense of realism that complements just about any colour, including Sweet EmbraceTM.

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Hamilton plate finishes embrace warmth and positivity

With an extensive range of over 20 standard finishes, it may come as no surprise that we’ve already identified our set of stunning warm finishes that work in perfect synergy with Dulux Sweet EmbraceTM.

With a gold-like hue, both Satin Brass and Polished Brass bring a bright flash of optimism to an interior, while Antique Brass and Connaught Bronze provide a more subtly uplifting sheen.

Moving into earthier tones, our Copper Bronze, Richmond Bronze and Etrium Bronze finishes amplify the calming pinkish shade with a warming glow.

For a more personalised approach, our Paintables colour-matching service enables your chosen plate design to be finished in any RAL colour of your choice. This means accessories can be painted in Sweet EmbraceTM itself or in a shade to complement any of Dulux’s Sweet Embrace™ colour stories: Calm, Warm and Uplifting.

Which wiring accessory plate collections work best with Sweet Embrace?

The finish is one thing, but the plate design is another. And for customers who regularly update their colour schemes, our G2 collections, with a push-to-fit plate and screwless design, are the ideal solution. Offering easy plate removal for redecoration, and interchange-ability with alternative finishes, face plates can be easily removed by inserting a screwdriver into a small cut-out at the bottom of the plate.

Hartland G2 is a slim and elegant plate with soft, round edges that perfectly complement the comforting qualities of Sweet Embrace™. It’s available in eleven on-trend finishes and in a variety of switch options including rocker switches, toggle switches and dimmers.

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Sheer G2 is Hamilton’s brand new, flat, square-edged plate that provides a sharp, contemporary, screwless aesthetic. Again, available in a variety of switch options, and like the Hartland G2, offering a range of functionality including quick charge USB-A&C technology and LED dimming.

Both Hartland G2 and Sheer G2 are available in Paintables for complete colour customisation.

Hamilton is here to help

Whether you’ll be embracing Dulux’s colour of the year for 2024 or not, Hamilton can help you bring your design scheme to life.

For more information on any Hamilton product or finish, or to discuss a custom project, email: [email protected]