Hotel: Hamilton helps classic meet contemporary at Danesfield House Hotel and Spa.

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The Project: Danesfield House Hotel & Spa is a Grade II Italian Renaissance-style manor that was built in 1901. Set high in the Chiltern Hills amongst 65 acres of magnificent landscaped gardens, Danesfield House was designed by architect W. H. Romaine-Walker. In 1991 the building was repurposed as a luxury hotel that prides itself on offering state-of-the-art opulence, quality and comfort in a historic setting. In 2015, Danesfield House Hotel and Spa embarked on a long-term refurbishment program across the hotel to further modernise the property and take the guest experience to the next level.

The Brief: Danesfield House Hotel and Spa was looking to install a competitively priced dimming system in 12 bedroom suites to improve energy savings and reduce both the business’ carbon footprint and expenditure. However, to ensure that the system was in-keeping with the luxury décor of the hotel, the controls for the lighting system and all other electrical accessories needed to have a coordinated design and be in-keeping with the period property, while also being easy and intuitive to use for hotel guests.

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The Solution: Familiar with Hamilton Litestat’s extensive range of quality solutions from previous joint projects, Danesfield House Hotel and Spa’s electrical contractor, Kempson Electrical Services, turned to Hamilton for support.

To facilitate bespoke lighting scenes in each room, Hamilton’s Smart Lighting Control was installed. Each suite now features 8 x 1-10V and 8 x 2A relay circuits with a DMX controller, which allows a series of lighting scenes to be programmed and set.

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The lighting is isolated by a hotel key card switch, so when a guest inserts their card the appropriate lighting scene is activated. This creates the perfect ambience in each bedroom, lounge and en-suite bathroom according to the time of day and guest usage of that area.

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In some of the bedrooms and en-suites, the DMX controls red, green and blue LED strip lights to create the perfect mood lighting.

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Meanwhile, all rooms were fitted with a coloured touchscreen Maid-Call system to ensure rapid guest assistance when required. A further touchscreen has been fitted outside the room to indicate to housekeeping if a guest would like their room cleaned or if they do not wish to be disturbed. Linked to the master touchscreen inside the room, a guest can set this message by pressing the appropriate section of the screen.

The style of the eight-button control plates are Linea-Scala in a Bright Chrome finish on the frame with a Satin Stainless front cover for a sleek and sophisticated look. This particular two-part design has a stepped edge for a classic feel that’s in-keeping with the period environment of Danesfield House Hotel and Spa. A hint of the contemporary comes from the plate’s concealed fixings: Hamilton’s patented four-point plate clipping system CFX® means that no screws are visible.

Each control plate has been engraved, allowing every control button to be identified easily and minimise the need for assistance.

To achieve the coordinated aesthetic required throughout each bedroom suite, all other switches, wall plates and accessories were fitted in the same Linea-Scala CFX® design and finish. This includes a special plate with US13, SHUKO and USA sockets, which was installed in each room to improve the comfort and experience of tech-savvy and international guests.

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The Result: Hamilton provided a stylish and decorative solution at Danesfield House Hotel and Spa, ensuring that the lighting control was seamlessly and sympathetically integrated into the historical and luxury environment, while all electrical accessories were coordinated.

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“We’re delighted with the finished restoration project,” says Danesfield House Hotel and Spa General Manager Anthony Cox. “We aim to offer each and every guest the best experience during their stay and although lighting control may seem like such a small part it can make a significant difference to a guest’s comfort. Every little feature counts, and the coordinated look Hamilton has provided in each of our bedroom suites reflects the quality and attention to detail that is synonymous with Danesfield House Hotel and Spa.”

Shaun Kempson from Kempson Electrical Services adds: “In a period property such as this, only the highest quality will do. Hamilton has provided us with a fantastic, high-tech solution that gives visitors a luxury experience while Danesfield House Hotel and Spa is reducing its energy usage. We are very happy with the support and advice we received throughout the process from Hamilton, as well as the final result, and we look forward to working with them on future projects." 

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Products installed
Suites x 12

Dimmer System: Smart dimmer pack (MDP) which included 8 x 1-10V and 8 x 2A relay circuits. Plus, a DMX controller for RGB LED strip.

Maid Call System: Supplied a 4 x 2A relay unit plus a power supply unit (PSU) .

LSX Touchscreen (Maid Call outside the room).

Bespoke 1: Room Entry Plate – Touchscreen (Maid Call inside the room) + Master 8 Button Programmable Smart Lighting Control + Room Activation Card Key.

Control Panels: Linea Scala CFX® LSX Collection - All mounted on Single/Double Bright Chrome frame with Satin Stainless plate with White Plastic inserts.
LSX 4S+8C-SV – Smart 4 scene recall+8 circuit control buttons.
LSX TCM BC-SS W – 1 Gang Telephone Master.
LSX USB99 BC-SS W – 2 Gang 13A Unswitched Socket + 2 x USB Charge Points.
LSX R232 BC-SS W – 3 Gang 20AX 2 Way Rocker.

Bespoke Control Plates: Linea Scala CFX® LSX Collection - All mounted on Single/Double Bright Chrome frame with Satin Stainless plate with White Plastic inserts.
Bespoke 2: International Unswitched Socket Module – US13 + SHUKO + USA socket.