User Manuals

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Appio Wireless Multi-room Speaker - User Manual

Appio Wireless 20W Active Speaker. Manual includes: Overview, Connecting to Wi-Fi Network, Wired Connection, Adding More Devices, Connections, Multi-room Playing, Spotify/Tune-in/EQ.

WSA50 Wireless Streaming Amplifier - User Manual

Used in conjunction with Hamilton Ceiling Speakers, the Hamilton WSA50 can be installed around the home/restaurant and can be wirelessly linked to a local Wi-Fi network, enabling the streaming of music to different rooms/zones. Manual includes: Overview, Quick Install, Wiring Diagrams, Set-Up, Adding More Devices.

i-H-GRID100STAT Rev D 03-07-2015 (BW)

GRID100LED essential technical information including wiring diagram; operation of Multi-way retractive switch or 'push to make' switch; how to set the minimum lighting levels; how to define the dimming pool; and shift dimming mode.

i-Hamilton Euro2 Dock - D Sheet 1 & 2 (03-04-2014)

i-Mercury Euro Dock - USB Audio Dock and Charger designed to work with iPod, iPhone & iPad

i-Mercury-Balun Rev A P1&2

i-Mercury Audio Balun - RCA - CAT5e Audio Adapter Balance / Un-Balanced


Mercury Audio System: Please read this user guide before installing this system. Technical support is available at


Mercury Lighting Control System. Please read this user guide before installing this system. Technical support is available at

General Plate Design Technical Specification Datasheets

Essential technical specification information on all of the product types across the Hamilton range of decorative wall plates: switches, sockets, dimmers, data & media plates.


Frequently Asked Questions: General FAQs / Technical FAQs / Wholesaler FAQs


USB Twin Charger/Power Socket instructions


Mercury MDR-EBRIDGE Module instructions - Audio Bridge designed to add Audio Control to Mercury Lighting Controlled System installed on a DIN Rail.

i-Mercury Touch Screen Rev.A

i-Mercury Touch Screen instructions