Mercury Air Wireless Switching System

NEW Product: Hamilton takes wireless control outdoors with NEW 4-Channel Switching System

Hamilton has launched a new addition to its Smart Control range: the ‘Hamilton Air Wireless Switching System’ – a simple but effective solution for remote switching outdoors.

This innovative 4 channel IP rated system is straightforward to install and ideally suited to controlling multiple lighting circuits, garden pumps and other devices such as automatic external property gates and garage doors. All circuits can then be controlled using multiple receivers from a variety of remote handsets and switches throughout a property.

Hamilton takes wireless control outdoors

Gavin Williams, Hamilton Litestat Marketing Manager says: “Innovation and new product development is important to us. We constantly talk to our customers and undertake product research to evolve our existing range and to develop new products and systems. The new Hamilton Air Wireless Switching System is a great example of where we have made our customers needs a priority and delivered a reliable and effective solution.”

Hamilton’s cleverly designed Air Wireless Switching System is setting a new standard, offering lots of additional ingenious features. For example, unlike
some other systems on the market the unit has a high water resistance level with an ‘Ingress Protection’ (IP) rating of IP56. In addition to this the unit doesn’t have to be wall mounted. It can be mounted virtually anywhere in or outside the home – from the shed ceiling to on or around decking, basically anywhere it can be securely fixed.

When it comes to taking control Hamilton has thought of that too. Also unlike many other systems on the market it has both an ‘on/off’ and ‘timed’ operating mode, the timed mode enabling lighting/power to be set to come on after a short time delay of upto 4 minutes. This has significant security and convenience benefits particularly when using an IR remote to open property access gates. Further more, the system comes with red visual indication LED’s to confirm to the user the system is fully operational. Another advantage of the system is that it works with Hamilton's Smart Air Switches allowing even more convenience and flexibility in the home.

“The launch of our Air Wireless Switching System is timely with the 2017 gardening season getting underway,” says Gavin. “This is the first of several new weatherproof accessories which we are adding to our range. The launch of these products will be announced in the coming months,” he adds.

Making Light Work – about Hamilton's Air Wireless Switching System
The MWM-4CHPS is a mains powered radio receiver with four channels that will switch on and off devices:

- 4 Circuits each rated at 1.25KW
- Total Pack Load: 4K
- Operating Range: 250 metres
- Bi-stable (on/off) & Mono-stable (timed) Operating Modes
- Externally Wall Mounted

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