All power to the great outdoors!

With outside spaces needing to be more versatile than ever before, Hamilton’s Sales & Marketing Director, Gavin Williams, discusses how outdoor power solutions can give functionality a much-needed boost!

Garden spaces have never worked harder than in the past year. As a place traditionally for relaxation, gardens have become a lifeline for keeping us connected to nature and providing valuable extra space while we’ve spent so much time at home.

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Gardens have welcomed family and friends for socially-distanced meet-ups and been a playground while schools have been closed. If space is tight indoors, they’ve become an extension of the home office, too. Whether that means working at an outdoor table in warm weather, repurposing a shed, or even building a bespoke office.

Pubs and restaurants are accommodating more alfresco drinking and dining customers - an essential lifeline for the hospitality industry to generate a much-needed revenue stream, when restrictions allow.

Getting power into this outside space can make multi-functional gardens even more practical and versatile. To support, Hamilton provides a total power and control  solution with its Elemento weatherproof accessories and Hamilton Air Wireless Switching, which can help make greater use of outside space this spring, summer and beyond.

Bringing power safely outdoors

Power can be delivered to a shed, garden office, or wherever it’s needed with Hamilton’s Elemento waterproof wiring accessories. IP66 certified 20AX RCD units ensure safe operation of outdoor equipment, such as hedge trimmers, lawnmowers and outdoor heaters, or an easy-access power solution while working from an outdoor table.

To safely power lighting, entrance gates and garage doors – amongst other electrical circuits – the Elemento range features 20AX Retractive and Double Pole Switches. The Retractive Switch automatically sits in the OFF position. Pressing and holding the switch ON restores power to the circuit, which is indicated by a red neon power light.

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The Elemento range is easy to install with convenient white-on-black terminal markings and only requires one size of screwdriver for installation.

The solutions are IP66 rated with an easy-to-open latch and scientifically-formulated gel seal that ensures integrity and protection from water, dust and small particles.

The casings are contemporary in design but robust and impact resistant, and can also withstand hot and cold extremes without discolouring, fading or cracking, making them perfect for the temperamental British weather!

Moreover, they come with a 10-year guarantee for peace of mind.

Take remote control of the open air!

Once power to the garden has been established, Hamilton’s IP56-rated Air Wireless 4-Channel Switching system enables remote control of different outdoor electrical features, such as garden lighting, electric gates, and pumps for decorative water features.

Each channel x4 has a maximum loading of 1.25kW, with a total load capacity of 4kW, i.e. if channels 1, 2 & 3 are fully loaded making 3.75kW, you still have 0.25kW on channel 4. Alternatively, you could load up all four channels with 1kW each. And with the efficiency of modern LED lighting, 4kW will be more than adequate for most projects.

For control, each unit comes with a battery-powered wireless transmitter wall plate that can be mounted indoors or inside a garden office. Alternatively, a convenient hand-held key fob can be used.  Each enables on/off circuit control up to 250-metres.

An additional programmable feature is the ‘Timed’ mode that powers a circuit for up to four minutes - useful to ensure pathways are well lit for those going to and from garden office spaces when burning the midnight oil.

Together, Hamilton’s Elemento outdoor wiring accessories and Hamilton Air Wireless Switching help bring a powerful boost in functionality to the garden, making it more comfortable and convenient to use all year round.

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