Sheer CFX

Blank Plates

Flat and elegant with firm edges, the Sheer CFX® range helps provide the finishing touch to any project. The faceplates are firmly held in place to the back frame with a patented 4 point clipping system, concealing the fixings for a seamless finish.

  • Superb finishes, including four shades of Bronze
  • Choice of complementary switch insert finishes
  • Concealed fixing (CFX)
  • Painted plates available
  • Grid & EuroFix options also available
  • Ultra-fast USB charging technology
Blank Plates

Plate Finishes

  • Antique Brass Antique Brass
  • Black Nickel Black Nickel
  • Bright Chrome Bright Chrome
  • Connaught Bronze Connaught Bronze
  • Copper Bronze Copper Bronze
  • Etrium Bronze Etrium Bronze
  • Gloss White Gloss White
  • Matt Black Matt Black
  • Polished Brass Polished Brass
  • Primed White Primed White
  • Richmond Bronze Richmond Bronze
  • Satin Brass Satin Brass
  • Satin Steel Satin Steel

Number Of Gangs

  • Double Plate Double Plate
  • Single Plate Single Plate