Hamilton CPD1CPD module: An ‘Intelligent’ and ‘Smart’ approach to lighting control.

Duration: 1 hour with questions

Venue: Hamilton’s Bristol headquarters or London showroom. Alternatively, the training can be conducted at your premises by appointment.

Accreditation: British Institute of Interior Design (BiiD) & CPD UK Certification Service.

The CPD provides an overview and history of lighting control, shows the development in switch plate design, introduces dimming technology and an appreciation of where it can be used, smart lighting control and smart audio, and illustrates how other smart control applications, such as blind control, can be integrated to deliver a total solution.


Learning Outcomes: 

– The types of lighting controls available: basic, dimmable, intelligent and smart, the business case for each and how they have developed in response to project type and changing customer demand/lifestyles.

– The different types of controllers; from standard toggle/rocker switch wiring accessories to more sophisticated dimmers, push button and touch screen intelligent plates.

– An appreciation of the different types of smart control operating systems and wireless protocols.

– A business case for the adoption of smart wireless audio solutions

The CPD training programme is part of Hamilton’s on-going commitment and investment in skills training across the design, interiors and electricals industry. 

To book your CPD session: please contact Ali Osmond on 01747 860088 or email her on cpd@hamilton-litestat.com