Looking ahead to 2019, smart controls will continue to be a hot topic...


Looking ahead to 2019, smart controls will continue to be a hot topic, with wireless lighting control set to be a front-running industry trend for the coming year.

SLC_PushButtonMore and more consumers are attracted to the proposition of a ‘smarter home’, fuelled in part by the numerous smart devices currently on the market. Smart lighting control is particularly appealing, as the use of dimmers and sensors allows homeowners to set several lighting scenes that create a multi-functional living environment: daily living, work and entertainment, as well as reduce energy costs.

There is an expanding range of wireless lighting control solutions on the market to support this demand. This growing trend continues to inform Hamilton’s product development programme and we have new quick and easy-to-install solutions set for release in 2019.

However, during the past year the majority of our customers with high-value residential projects have shown preference for a wired solution. A wired solution provides system stability and is particularly suited to new-build projects as cabling can be chased neatly into the walls before the plasterwork is finished and centralised to one main control point. These systems still offer remote control of the lighting – for example, Hamilton’s solutions are controlled through the Hamilton app – so meet the growing customer demand for control via a phone or tablet.

Hamilton Smart Lighting Control PacksWe don’t see this trend for a wired infrastructure changing in these projects. What we anticipate is that wireless lighting control will increasingly be used to support and expand the wired infrastructure. These solutions will be utilised to provide additional lighting and control features, such as garden lighting, garage doors, water features and security gates. Wireless lighting control will also be an extremely useful solution in renovation properties, where chasing cabling isn’t possible or cost effective.