West Herts College Kings Langley Campus

Hamilton strives against skills shortage by supporting electrical installation training for apprentices.


Hamilton Litestat is providing electrical installation training aids to apprentices at the Kings Langley Campus at West Herts College, Hertfordshire, in an attempt to curb the current industry skills shortage and support the next generation of qualified electricians.


Through its relationship with local wholesaler Grant & Stone Hemel Hempstead, Hamilton is supplying West Herts College with purpose-built smart control wiring boards for use during their electrical training courses. These interactive demonstration boards allow the apprentices – typically aged 16-18 – to learn how to wire Hamilton’s Smart Lighting Control and Multi-Room Audio systems and help them gain experience and confidence in wiring smart control solutions.

WestHertsStudents_web“Working with manufacturers, such as Hamilton, gives our students a great insight into their future careers and helps them better understand the industry,” explains Gordon Clarke, Head of School, Engineering at West Herts College. “Smart technology is now mainstream, and students should be encouraged to work with it. Receiving the hands-on experience that has been facilitated by Hamilton’s support is a really valuable learning tool for our students.”

Hamilton’s Marketing Manager, Gavin Williams, added: “We want to support in training our next wave of qualified electricians to ensure they are educated on smart controls and not daunted by them. These trainees have been brought up in the age of the Internet, so technology is less intimidating and less of a barrier, but we want to make sure they have the latest skills and can utilise them as they progress within the industry. Hamilton is investing in programmes like this, along with our own free training courses, to help try and bridge the industry’s skills gap.”

Due to the misconception of complicated programming processes, the adoption of smart controls and smart technology amongst qualified electricians has been stilted. Hamilton is continuing its efforts to combat this misunderstanding: it’s Smart Lighting Control Challenge, which has run at various exhibitions, and FREE training courses at its facilities in Mere have gone some way to help those who want to embrace the ‘smart era’ change.

2018 Hamilton Training Courses
Training MereHamilton is hosting Smart Lighting and Audio Control Training Courses in Mere, Wiltshire, to introduce the benefits of lighting and audio control and help installers expand their services and business revenue. Attendees will learn how to select the right system components, install Hamilton’s plug-and-play 4-channel solution and configure the system for lighting, audio or both.

2018 course calendar:
Wednesday 18th July 2018 
Wednesday 15th August 2018 
Wednesday 19th September 2018 
Wednesday 17th October 2018 
Wednesday 14th November 2018 
Wednesday 12th December 2018

To check course availability, or to discuss arranging a group booking on an alternative day, please email technical@hamilton-litestat.com