Hamilton's DALI Interface

DALI Interface is now available for Hamilton's Smart Lighting Control and Multi-room Audio System

Hamilton Litestat’s Smart Lighting Control and Multi-room Audio System is now DALI enabled, allowing specifiers and installers to incorporate the many control benefits offered by Hamilton's Smart system into any DALI run project.

Mercury Control Plate

The Hamilton DALI interface sits on a Smart Lighting Control network and will interface with any DALI two wire bus. Through a separate DALI addressing programmer, devices can be discovered and included on the network to be controlled by control plates. A single DALI interface allows control of up to 42 DALI addressed devices.

Hamilton’s Smart control plates provide the flexibility to raise and lower individual DALI dimmers, which can be controlled individually or in groups, with the option to save the lighting scheme to the system's control memory for instant recall at the touch of a button.

DALI Wiring Instructions
“The Hamilton DALI interface is something that our loyal lighting control customers have been requesting for some time as it allows them to stay with a system that they both know and trust,” says Gavin Williams, Hamilton’s Marketing Manager. “Our continual aim is to deliver quality solutions that are easy to install and straightforward to use, and enabling DALI will provide further flexibility for installation, connectivity and control – wherever the central control point may be.”

To download DALI Interface product info, please click here

For further information about Hamilton's DALI enabled Smart Lighting Control and Multi-room Audio system, please call +44 (0)1747 860088 or email info@www.hamilton-litestat.com