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Create a 'Smart-Ready' business with Hamilton

It's Official: consumer demand for ‘smart’ home technology is on the increase. A recent research study conducted by Honeywell among home-owners revealed some interesting statistics on smart home technology:

47% customers asked said they would be interested in having a *fully connected smart home.

49% of customers asked said they believed 'cost' would make it too expensive!

Every journey starts with a first step and lighting control is signalled to be the place to set out from:

of customers asked stated 'Lighting' as their service of choice to be controlled remotely via the installation of 'smart' lighting technologies

Mercury app iphone7_roomSmart Homes Made Simple
With Hamilton it is easy for electrical installers to be ‘Smart-Ready’. Hamilton’s Mercury Control packs are ‘simple’ to install and offer ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions that are both affordable and available from your local Mercury stockists.

Simplicity at its best – no programming, no problem
There is nothing stopping you adding value to your project and growing your business by suggesting your customers take the first steps to a ‘Smart Home’ by beginning with a ‘Smarter Home’. The reality is every electrical installer knows virtually all they need to know about smart technology already. With Hamilton, the smart part is done for you. Hamilton’s Lighting Control and Multi-room Audio system is simple to install and wire-up, and most importantly the control packs can be installed and linked together with NO PROGRAMMING.

Even remote control via the iOS app can be achieved with NO PROGRAMMING whatsoever! It is also easy on the pocket making it affordable for many customers who are keen to adopt a smarter lifestyle in the home.

A Smarter Future
Looking ahead, additional intelligent control capabilities such as Blind Control, Gate Occupancy sensors, Holiday Mode Function and Remote access, and a variety of other home controls can be added at a later date to make the home even ‘Smarter’:  “A connected, controllable and intelligent home where all the systems, including heating and lighting, communicate with one another and can be controlled from anywhere at any time using a single phone, tablet of computer, with the main goal being energy efficiency.” *(Honeywell 2014)